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Known spots of Model X vehicles by Status. Newest Entry: 2017-12-19 02:03:37 Pacific Time and Last Updated Entry: 2018-01-04 01:34:47 Pacific Time
Use the +/- or your mouse scroll to zoom in. To view a particular popular country, hover and then click on the Country, State/Province name. Hover over the spot for City, State, Country, Edition, Reservation #, and Applicable Date (Reserved, Ordered, Delivered, or Cancelled).
Note: Spirals are generated around the known cities centers, states, and countries. United States records without a State/City and California records without a city are off the San Francisco coast.

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Status Description Color
Reserved A refundable deposit has been made to order a Model X at a later date.
In Design Reservation holder has been invited to configure but has not yet ordered.
Ordered Orders in Tracker (VIN not yet assigned and have not entered the production process)
Assembly Confirmed Orders in Tracker with at least a VIN (not yet delivered)
Delivered Deliveries in Tracker
Cancelled An existing reservation or order has been cancelled and deposit refunded or lost (if order was confirmed)